Why TheToolAdvisor?

Over the years, finding the right tool for the job has become more complicated with all the new technologies and processes arriving in the marketplace. HAVi believe in keeping things simple, so with that in mind we have developed TheToolAdvisor: www.thetooladvisor.com

A brand new website has been published, where you can find all the data and information you need to compare different tools from different manufacturers against each other so you can select the right tool for the task you are engaging in whilst also taking a holistic approach to the data you need.

We have been gathering data for many years and have linked the data from our very own HAVi-Total system where we hold our in use measured vibration data. Using the in-use data we have collated you can now make an informed choice about selecting the right equipment. Thus giving you the option to make more realistic assessments to help you with managing your HAV exposure.

It’s an ongoing process that started last year with uploading new data and keeping the information fresh a priority, we currently have around 40 new tools being uploaded to the system each day. We also have a contact and feedback page, where if you think we have got something wrong or something needs improving you can let us know. We would like to thank all the manufacturers for their support in this project and look forward to bringing you information on updates as they are done.




Any Questions?