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Tool Comparison 

Compare all tool types across different manufacturers data to see what tool come out best for you. We have searched through all the handbooks and websites so you don't have to, your time is important and we've taken out the tedious process of going through all the manufacturer's data and laid it out clear as day for you to see. Better yet we've made it so you can compare the same tool types against different manufacturers in an easy-to-use matrix.

Search for tools by industry 

In a recent survey of users, it was indicated that the ability to search tools by their specific industry was something they'd be keen on.

You can search by tools specific to YOUR industry saving time going past tools of no relevance to you. Try this feature out: Industry Search

In-use Data

One of the things that make TheToolAdvisor so unique is the in-use data feature. For a lot of people, getting the right vibration magnitude for the tool you are using can be a difficult task. Our Parent Company HAVi has been taking measurements to ISO 5349 for nearly a decade and we have compiled this data and put them alongside the data the manufacturers give so you can see the full picture of what the tool's Vibration magnitude should be before starting your risk assessment or purchasing the tool. Any in-use data we have is found in a graph at the bottom of the tool page. A good example is here

Build your own online toolbox

Do you need to keep track of the tools you own or are looking at buying? TheToolAdvisor has the perfect tool for you, an online toolbox. You can 'subscribe' to any tool and it will put them in a section in your account allowing you to track and gain a list of the tools you have or are looking to purchase.

Add and read reviews by the community

Don't just take our word for it, every tool has the ability to get a review added by our users! Also, Manufacturers have the ability to respond to reviews on their tool so the community can discuss the best equipment and the best practice using them.

Free support and advice

TheToolAdvisor has a team of people on hand to offer support and advice over the phone or by email, they are happy to deal with new tool requests, advice on Health and Safety matters and also assist in finding any data you can't find.

Email- [email protected]

TheToolAdvisor is ideal for people in all aspects of tool use from the people who work in Health and Safety and tool procurement to the tool users and their supervisors.



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