Getting The Spin On Drill Types

Drilling, how much more complicated can it be than that?

As a data entry operator for TheToolAdvisor I have encountered, and dealt with over a thousand tools, bringing me from a private to a drill sergeant in a mere few months.

One of the things that jumped out at me from day one as someone who was completely new to the tool industry, when looking through the different types I would find myself looking at drills and wondering what the difference was between so many different tool types? In my mind they were all doing the same job – Drilling, how much more complicated can it be than that?

It wasn’t until I began inputting data for different drill types that I realised how wrong I was. Although most drills look very similar on the outside with the exception of different sizes, they all do very different things mechanically but at the end of the day they are all still doing the same thing, drilling.

Realising that certain drills are used in different industries is the key to understanding the different drill types. For example a Combi-Hammer can be ideal for construction work but the same Combi-Hammer wouldn’t necessarily be that practical for most engineering work. Whereas an Angle Drill could work for an engineer but maybe not someone working in some areas of construction.

Here is the current list of drill types we have for The Tool Advisor with the
industries we feel they fit in best.

So it’s all about finding the right drill for the job and not just buying the cheapest one thinking it can do all jobs only for it to fall apart after a few uses.  Also you may end up with a big heavy drill just to drill for a 20 second job every once in a while. Which is why you should always compare different options before purchasing. On TheToolAdvisor we have over 300 different models of drills to compare with more being added daily.

James Dorey

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